Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet Selah, Andarge, and Eyruselem

Illinois residents Kiel and Carolyn were able to adopt the two teenaged siblings of their recently adopted daughter Selah with the help of Gift of Adoption. Selah has stage 4 AIDS and Carolyn and Kiel knew her health would be in danger if she stayed in her Ethiopian orphanage much longer. Kiel, a self-employed painter and decorator, and Carolyn, the Executive Director of Project Hopeful, currently have 11 children, ages 3 to 20. After a visit to an orphanage in Ethiopia, Carolyn met the children and suffered with the two older siblings, Andarge and Eyruselem, as they allowed their little sister to be adopted in hopes of saving her life. Their parents had already died of AIDS.

Andarge, 16, and Eyruselem, 15, have prayed to be reunited with their little sister. The determination of Kiel and Carolyn have allowed their dream to come true. Andarge wrote this email to Carolyn just after he learned the court would allow him to be adopted by Carolyn and Kiel: “Thank you mom because you are the one and the main for this whole succesus. In the FUTURE i blive that we will live together and start a new life .

Carolyn says about this family’s decision to adopt: "Our reasoning for this particular adoption, being our third adoption (6 children total, 2 sibling groups of three) was that we found it absolutely unacceptable that these siblings be separated. We believe that HIV/AIDS has robbed these children of enough. I was present in '07 when these kids made the decision to relinquish their little sister because she had HIV and would not receive medical care otherwise. A 14 year old boy should never have had to make such a decision. He nobly tried to keep his sisters together and "parent" them after the deaths of his parents. I had never witnessed such heartbreak. The orphanages would not accept them, and they thought Selah would have a better chance of being adopted if she was alone. WHO would want 2 teenagers and a 10 year old child with stage 4 AIDS?? THAT WOULD BE US!!”

“As a family, “ explained Carolyn, “we have been drawn to the most difficult to adopt children, older children, sibling groups and children with HIV/AIDS. We have done everything in our power to make these adoptions a reality, successfully.

"This time around we have run out of time, due to circumstances beyond our control. Kiel's job situation and our medical deductibles for our children with HIV, we are unable to shoulder this entire burden at this time.” The grant received from Gift of Adoption will allow these children to have a chance in life, something they would never have gotten in Ethiopia.

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