Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year from Gift of Adoption!

As 2009 draws to a close, we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts -- and on behalf of the children and families whose lives you've improved through the gift of adoption.

We are making a bigger difference this year than ever before. With your efforts we're striving to put adoption in reach for 100 children this year; kids like Gabi for whom there is no gift as precious as a family that will love her forever.

I think this story says it all; one night Gabi came to us and said that she had a dream. These were Gabi's words:

'I sad -- Mama, Papa, Hailee and I'm go Bulgaria - I'm stay Bulgaria - Mama, Papa, Hailee go America - I'm sad in Bulgaria , no Mama, Papa, Hailee to love me.'

Needless to say these words broke our hearts - we did our best to explain that she was ours forever and that wouldn't happen. During this conversation we learned that Gabi always had this fear with her foster mom because she knew that she could be sent or taken back to the orphanage at any time. She also knew that her foster mom was 'old, old' (according to Gabi) and that if something happened to her they would send Gabi back to the orphanage. Constant reassurance has helped, along with hugs and holding. But it was a little ornament that she found in her stocking that seemed to get the point across to her. The ornament is a heart and written across the heart it says "Forever Family". She clutched that little ornament in her hand and told us that she was happy now. Knowing that she is a part of our family forever has given her peace - a peace she would have never had without adoption!

Without your generosity our adoption would not have been possible."

May you and your family enjoy peaceful, happy holidays!

Your friends at the Gift of Adoption Fund