Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Amazing Journey of Samuel and Asher

Gift of Adoption helped fund the adoption of its first Hollywood movie stars and we're making headlines!

From an Ethiopian orphanage to a movie set starring as Jennifer Lopez’s son in the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting," it's been one amazing year for the Howard family. When they turned to Gift of Adoption to help fund the adoption of their twin infant sons from an Ethiopian orphanage, the consensus was they were lucky to be alive. They could have never dreamed that less than 14 months later, their twin boys would be healthy, happy and on a movie set starring with Jennifer Lopez.

Check out the incredible journey of Samuel and Asher Howard below and see how Gift of Adoption helped give these boys a life they otherwise may not have known.

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The Insider follows Samuel and Asher to the "What to Expect" premiere:

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Watch the video of Entertainment Tonight's exclusive ride-along with the Howard's on their way to the boys' first glamorous red carpet premiere and to hear the family's heartwarming "miracle" adoption story:

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Continue following Samuel and Asher's story on their family's blog:
The Amazing Journey of Samuel & Asher