Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet Chance, Chase, and Chloe

In April, we invited you to help Chloe's adoptive parents bring her two brothers, Chase and Chance, home from China. Once Ron and Vicki learned that their daughter had two siblings, they acted fast to adopt them before they grew too old to be adopted.

Generous donors helped to fund a $7,500 grant so that Ron and Vicki would not have to shoulder this burden alone. We are thrilled to let you know that Chase and Chance have officially joined Chloe in their forever family.

The three siblings have spent the summer getting to know their parents and other new siblings. They are also working on their English and learning more about what it means to be kids with parents looking out for them.

All three siblings are happy to be in school. They are fortunate to have teachers who are dedicated to helping them with their transition.

Vicki shares one of her favorite memories, the day the three siblings were reunited: "I can still recall getting that first glimpse of the boys! In the hotel lobby they came with the biggest smiles ever. They looked so incredibly happy, they couldn't stop smiling. It was all over their faces how thrilled they were that we had come back for them. Like a dream come true."