Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet Vialancia, Jean & Jeanette

A month ago we invited you to be a part of funding the grant that would bring Haitian orphans Vialancia, Jean, & Jeanette home to Thomas and Amy's family after their adoptions were expedited following the devastating earthquake in January.

Thanks to the generous support of many, Gift of Adoption reached its grant goal of $7,000 on February 26. We are excited to share with you that all three children are now safely at home with their family in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

Amy and Thomas were expecting to fly to Miami in early February to bring all three children home at the same time. Vialancia and Jeanette were successfully boarded on a flight from Haiti to Miami, but Jean has been left behind due to a delay in processing his paperwork.

After returning to Nebraska with the girls, Thomas flew back to Miami a week later to bring Jean home.

The whole family is now adjusting to their new routines. Amy recently shared, "The first time the whole family went to church together it really hit me. We had been going to church as a family of four for three years. It was super emotional to be in the church as a family of seven. I looked down the pew at the rest of my family and saw that Mary Beth (13), Anna (11) and Thomas were all teary eyed. Without words, we all felt the significance of the event."

The family extends their heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped to bring Vilancia, Jean & Jeanette home through their generous donations, "Quite honestly, I don't know how we could have made this happen without this grant. We thought we would have three years to save but then the earthquake brought them home in a matter of weeks."

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