Friday, October 23, 2009

Mia - Five Years Later

We are always excited to hear from past Gift of Adoption grant recipients. To hear how things are going and to hear what the gift of adoption has meant to them and to their children. Today we received this letter from Cody. Cody and his wife, Kristina, adopted Mia alomst five years ago. The picture of Mia and her brother running through the sprinkler this summer says it all.

"To say that everyday is a miracle in our lives is somewhat of an understatement. We are fast approaching the 5-year anniversary of our daughter Mia’s adoption. A long drawn out adoption process that neared two years in length ended in March of 2005. Gift of Adoption was there for us in the final moments and made it possible for us to close our adoption without worry. You are such a big part of our life and we are ever grateful.

Mia turned 6 this summer. She is loving life and school in her first grade year. She is excited to be a part of a new Spanish immersion program in our area schools. By 2nd grade she will be speaking Spanish fluently. Since the adoption was finalized, we have returned to Guatemala to serve on mission and service projects with Mia and her younger brother Carter.

Every day begins with a new found joy as we watch both of our children grow and learn. It is a gift to be a parent. It is our prayer that we never lose the appreciation for what we have been given and the gratitude for those and to those who so generously helped us become a family."

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